A Fresh Way to Get Fresh Bread

Bread is humankind’s most elemental food.

We make ours with simple and premium ingredients. Handmade, unhurried, with a lot of craft folded in. How does that type of bread sent straight from our ovens to your home sound? 

We’re proud to offer a limited number of bread subscriptions monthly. Deliveries are done on Sundays so you’re set for the coming week, and always in good bread company. 

We’re talking about good bread at a better rate that’s freshly delivered free. 

For more information, check out our Bread Subscription FAQs.



  • P2999 worth of Hey Flour! bread products
  • 10% discount on all breads you order within 2 months
  • Up to 4x free deliveries, every Sunday


  • P4999 worth of Hey Flour! bread products
  • 15% discount on all breads you order within 2 months
  • Up to 8x free deliveries, every Sunday

Subscribed? Shop Here!

Hey! I still have some questions!

Come one, come all! Our monthly subscription is open to everyone, especially those who just love bread!

Go to www.heyflour.com and make sure to shop in the Bread Subscription page, and not the Bread Ala Carte page.

We have 2 bread subscription options:

1 month subscription:

  • P2,999 subscription fee
  • P2,999 worth of bread products
  • 10% discount on all breads
  • Free delivery, up to 4x

2 months subscription:

  • P4,999 subscription fee
  • P4,999 worth of bread products
  • 15% discount on all breads
  • Free delivery, up to 8x

Depending on the bread subscription option you choose, you need to pay for that full amount upfront to activate your bread subscription. You pay this amount upon checkout via BDO Bank Transfer, GCash, and PayPal. Once you subscribe, you can also start to use your subscription amount to order the breads you want.

Ideally, you spread out your subscription and order weekly so you’re always in good bread company. And your bread subscription order for each week needs to be a separate order form. 

Unless you want to finish your subscription fee all at once during your first week. Wow! If you love bread that much, then yes go ahead order for all 4 or 8 weeks ahead!

For the succeeding weeks for your next bread subscription order, keep shopping at the Bread Subscription page. Your cart total will reflect P0 since you are shopping under a subscription.

Leave it to team Hey Flour! We’ll send you an email and SMS of your balance every after successful order. We will also advise you if your order is under or exceeds your available balance. Bear with us on the kinks in the process, as we grow and evolve, so too will our Bread Subscription model!

Your 1st week of subscription starts on the next nearest Sunday from when you successfully subscribed. Meaning if it was a Saturday today, then your subscription starts tomorrow Sunday and you will get your order delivered. Unless all slots have been taken, then it moves to the next Sunday. 

You will get an Order Confirmation by email and an SMS from our team. Payment in full upfront is required to activate your subscription.

Any remaining amount from the subscription outside of the subscribed month is non-refundable. But you know what happens? They turn into Hey Flour! Coins — a store credit we’re building which you will be able to use for future transactions and exclusive bread drops, that will only be payable by Hey Flour! Coins! Oh, what bread dreams are made of!

We love that you love our bread and you’re sharing that love! But any excess delivery request outside of the subscription allotment will already be ℅ you pal. 


Any remaining delivery allotment within your subscription month/s is non-transferable, and cannot be converted in any form. So let’s max that out baby!

Deliveries under the bread subscription model are always on Sunday, with no delivery time commitment. 

Hey Flour! always bakes fresh, and deliveries on the day are made on the day. So for those subscribed to us, all the magic happens on Sunday!